Dance as Therapy

The program runs for 16 weeks over two school terms. After an initial screening for each child, a curriculum will be tailored to their individual needs.

The final class in Week 16 features an in-house performance for family and a post-screening to ensure outcomes are achieved.

Program Description
The brain requires external stimuli to develop. Movement is the primary type of early external stimuli which a child’s brain needs to develop efficiently.

This program is designed to expose a child to the correct movement patterns, in the natural developmental sequence, to mimic the first 12-18 months of life.


  1. Maximise visual motor coordination
  2. Achieve optimal energy levels i.e. slow the fast kids down OR speed the slow kids up
  3. Develop coordinated gross motor and fine motor movements, essential for successful participation in academic learning
  4. Functional balance and postural control
  5. Improved sensory regulation & sleep

My son, age 7, had several difficulties with school/home life and was recommended for the program, I was sceptical at first as to how the program could do all the things that I was told it could. Before the program started, I was getting weekly negative phone calls from his teachers regarding his behaviour.
Right from Week 1 of the Dance As Therapy program, I started to notice change!
After a couple of weeks, I noticed that he had more confidence and balance, he was able to pay more attention during school, he was sleeping better and was less irritable in general. I had ZERO negative phone calls from the school during this time! The change in him was phenomenal, it was like he was a different child.
All the teachers were amazing. They are friendly and knowledgeable and really spoke to the kids on a level that had them relaxed and feeling safe which is a really big deal for these kids.


Dance therapy was a great service for our children. Our son looked forward to riding the bus there every week with his newfound friends. The staff were very caring and attentive. and to top it all off there was a wonderful performance at the end of the term, showcasing everything they had learnt. We definitely saw an improvement in both our children’s coordination and confidence. This program is amazing.  


So compelling for my children – they loved every minute of Dance As Therapy!! The best part of their week.

As a parent of two children who have been fortunate enough to participate in the dance as therapy classes I wholeheartedly endorse the methodology, preparation and dedication by the allied health & dance professionals who presented this program for children with specific needs.

My children excitedly look forward to the next opportunity to participate.



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